I have treated a wide range of psychiatric issues, from anxiety and depressive disorders to personality disorders.  But over the years my career has gravitated to treating women in one of life’s “hot spots”:

  • the early 20’s: leaving home and family towards work and education
  • the mid 20’s to early 30’s: grappling with so many unknowns (What is my career? Where am I going to live? Who am I going to marry? Will I have kids?) It is a myth the 20’s are carefree – this is a very stressful life stage
  • the reproductive years: infertility, miscarriage, pregnancy, postpartum depression
  • the impossible 30’s-40’s: the exhausting balancing act of motherhood, marriage, career, and self care
  • the late 30’s to late 40’s: often something in one’s life comes to a head (infidelity, divorce, children’s issues, a great loss) and the potential for midlife crisis – yes, this is a real thing and often quite natural (read my article “The Truth of the Midlife Crisis” on the blog page of this website.)
  • the 50’s and 60’s: menopause/aging and how this affects identity, children leaving the home and the challenge to determine how the next life chapter unfolds

Any one of these situations can trigger anxiety, depression, or other psychiatric symptoms if one is genetically predisposed to it.  It has become my specialty to distinguish if these symptoms require medication, therapy, lifestyle changes, or are simply normal reactions to very stressful events. I typically develop a treatment plan with my patient within the first 1-2 sessions that will help them through these “hot spots”.